The Color Guard Wedge Formation

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Never, ever, ever, ever, should a color guard use this line formation with the American in the middle.


Someone will say, “But the American is higher.” That is NOT the standard. The standard is all colors at the same height and the American flag on the marching right. The American flag should never be taller for a color guard. The only exception to this is for cadets. Since there can be such a variation in height, the American flag must be as close to equal in height as possible without being shorter. Only in this case can it be taller.

This line formation is the only formation authorized for the military.


See the Wedge, Know the Wedge, BE the Wedge

Except if you are an Active Duty, Guard or Reserve color guard. “No Wedge for you!” It’s called The Wedge. Scouting and other civilian organizations use it all the time and so do some veteran’s groups.

For others (LE, fire, cadets, veterans) in a parade, the Wedge is an option- however, you must execute it properly! Here is some guidance. Referencing the images below, you must have at least three flags. Odd numbers of flags work best. The American flag goes first, the next most senior flag goes behind it and to the right. The next position is to the left of the second flag. The guards are last on each end. Some teams do not use armed guards, having a member of the team marching unarmed is acceptable and some teams do not even have guards.

Click here to read about marching a POW/MIA flag.

Here is an example using LE and fire flags. Spacing is up to you, one step away and one step back is a good place to begin. Three steps is also just fine. It depends on how wide the street is and how many flags are on your team.


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