Merritt Island Competition Critiques

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On 30 Jan 16 Merritt Island High School hosted the first Brevard County Army JROTC drill competition. With C/MAJ Anderson, from Florida Institute of Technology, who is working on an engineering degree, I judged Unarmed Squad Regulation and Armed Squad Exhibition. I was head judge for the regulation sequences and cadet Anderson took over that position for the exhibition portion of the day. What a great day!!

Below are the DrillMaster Audio Performance Critiques for download. I also broadcasted three of the performances on my account at Periscope, @TheDrillMaster. In performance order:

  2. MIHS Female UA SQD REG
  3. CHS Male UA SQD REG
  4. AHS Male UA SQD REG
  5. AHS Female UA SQD REG
  6. CHS Female UA SQD REG
  7. MIHS Male A SQD XD
  8. MIHS Female A SQD XD
  9. CHS Male A SQD XD
  10. CHS Female A SQD XD

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