The United States Air Honor Guard

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What Is The Basic Story On Why We Need The US Air Honor Guard?

First of all, there is NO CURRENT organization doing what we are proposing to do – NONE;Secondly, the US Armed Forces only provides basic escort personnel during the trip home for deceased personnel.  That’s all, nothing more.Budget cuts and the limited scope of military operations virtually guarantees that only basic honor guard services are provided.  This leaves a lot of honor guard services and family / community support needs unfulfilled and incomplete;The US Armed Forces DO NOT provide honor guard services for units and personnel returning home from deployment – WE WILL;Even though flight restrictions have been lifted for fighter jet over flights, budget cuts and limited resources ensures that the likelihood of fighter jet over flights remains VERY LOW to non-existent;What Role Will The US Air Honor Guard Provide For America? There is no service organization that is positioned to fulfill this extreme need;We will provide Community-Wide fighter jet over flights ahead of the arrival of the honor guard flight carrying deceased personnel and arriving units / personnel returning home from deployment.  These over flights are intended to announce the arrival of these personnel and units;We will provide escort vehicles equipped with emergency lights and sirens, and uniquely marked, to escort the casket or personnel home or to a reception facility;We will provide continuous fly overs along the parade route and formation fly overs for the closing ceremony, whatever type that is;We will provide high ranking military officials to participate in honor guard activities and to coordinate activities, inter-agency cooperation and to engage in media relations activities;We will provide centralized coordination services with local and state private services organizations to facilitate a unified consistent honor guard protocol;We will provide professionally coordinated Media Relations campaigns, complete with interviews and news reports, press releases, social media  and other venues;We will coordinate with local police and fire departments to obtain their assistance in arranging parade routes, escort routes, traffic control and to use fire department equipment to hang large flags, banners and other appropriate decor along the travel / parade route(s);We will provide high level professional SECURITY for the families and personnel we are escorting, in conjunction with state and local law enforcement to ensure the safety of participants and bystanders alike;We will provide support services for the families of the deceased, and coordinate with local service organizations and government agencies for psychological and pastoral support;For the families, individuals, units and communities we serve we will create high quality multimedia presentations and photography to record the event.

Should Any Of This Matter To Me?

Yes, every American is affected by our national mood and national state of mind.  Our economy, our communities and our national conversations are all deeply affected by these factors.  Thus, we have something else we want to address to help fix our nation for the next generation – here is what we have observed:.

Pride in America has faltered in recent years;Confidence in America has faltered, as well;American morale has suffered and faltered;The morale of our troops is suffering and faltering;The traditions and positive community influence of our Armed Forces have been sharply reduced nationwide;Most of our American media does not really respect our military personnel;Most of our American media will not provide adequate news coverage for our returning veterans and those killed in action ON THEIR OWN.  They just will not do it without external leadership and pressure.

We want to fix these issues and we will do so, if we get our legislation passed (unchanged) through your support and letters to your Federal Representatives, asking them to pass the US Air Honor Guard legislation


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