The 22 March 15 Michigan Online Drill Competition Results!

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Yet another military drill season is upon us and the videos were submitted by midnight Eastern time on March 21, 2015. I have judged each Michigan Online Drill Competition (MIODC) and have learned as well as taught with each successive competition.

My thanks to Devin Milhem for creating and running this event. For more information on MIODC see the Facebook group.

Here is the link to watch the playlist of YouTube videos. On with the results. I commented on the World Drill Association’s Overall Effect caption (OE; there are three more captions: Movement, Equipment and Composition Analysis). Since I only scored OE, the score is out of a possible max of 200. If I were to score all four captions, there is a formula to give a final score out of a possible 100 points- just like grades in school.

In ech WDA caption there i a further breakdown of scores between the “What” and the “How”. You will notice that, while a Driller’s total score may have placed him higher than another, he may have one of the sub-caption scores lower then other Driller(s) whose score was overall lower.

I am on the road having just finished judging the Romeoville High School Drill Meet yesterday. I apologize that I do not have the time to offer a full four-caption score. I did make some comments though pertaining to the other captions.

Below you will see the soloist’s placement, name and then the scores for Repertoire Effect score (the “What”), Performance Effect (the “How”) score and the total score. Click on the name to download the DrillMaster Audio Performance Critique.

  1. Bisher, 66-57-123
  2. Milhem, 60-53-113
  3. Alejandro, 57-55-112
  4. Gill, 54-51-105
  5. Ansboro ACUs, 49-43-92
  6. Perrault, 46-39-85
  7. Josh, 43-34-77
  8. Jon, 41-35-76
  9. Daniel, 31-26-57
  10. Doyle, 26-25-51
  11. RetributionGM, 27-23-50
  12. Ansboro Class B, 21-19-40

Thank you, Drillers. You all did an outstanding job. My hope is that my critiques benefit you in your growth in exhibition drill.

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