The 2014 Summer of Drill!

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2014 CJSHGA Graduation (21)Military CadetsYes, I was at it again in Millersburg, KY at Forest Hill Military Academy where the American Military Cadet Corps (Military Cadets) holds its annual summer Military Adventure Camp. I was there as a helper for a week for the instructors who had been there a few weeks and then I turned into an instructor for the second Cadet Joint Service Honor Guard Academy (CJSHGA). I have dozens of pictures at my Flickr account. The picture at right is of the graduation ceremony for the 2014 CJSHGA. This is cadet Christopher Warren receiving his graduation certificate. after the certificates were handed out, I then tacked on Honor Guard tabs.


Military Cadets is a great Army-based (but no affiliation) program for young men and women ages 11 to 18. It is like Sea Cadets and Civil Air Patrol. Besides the honor guard academy that I teach, cadets have a wide-ranging choice of courses: Cadet Basic Training (run by a retired Army Drill Sgt.), Troop Handler Academy (Troop Handlers are Cadet Drill Sgts), Basic, Field and Advanced Leader Courses, Sappers (Cadet Combat Engineers), Pathfinders, The Army Cadet Martial Arts Program,  and Cadet Military Police Academy. Military Cadets also offers the only special operations courses available for cadets: Cadet Ranger Challenge and Cadet Ranger School which both add up to 6 weeks of special operations training.

I made a video with both of the CJSHGA14 honor graduates that gives a little more detailed explanation of folding an American flag with two people.

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@fitgirldc and The #DrillMaster at the #USAF #HonorGuard !!


I also was able to visit the Navy’s Ceremonial Guard, the Air Force’s Honor Guard, Fork Union Military Academy, Virginia Military Institute and the Citadel, South Carolina’s Military College. The picture at left is of me and a friend of mine who is on the USAFHG. What a great visit!

And it’s not over. The school year began and I will be working with local school and traveling to work with other teams. Plus, I have several new books that are almost ready to publish, I call them DrillMaster Field Manuals since they are just the right size to fit into utility uniform cargo pockets to use while teaching. I’ve been working on them for months and they should be ready soon.

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