Michigan Online Drill Competition 2014-1 Results!

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Drill team training and honor guard training at its best!

The 2014-1 Michigan Online Drill Competition is in the books! What a great competition-

Here is the link for the playlist of the competitor’s videos on YouTube.

Judging: I used the World Drill Association adjudication system developed by Winter Guard International and adapted for the military drill world be me in 2010. The captions judged are Overall Effect, Composition Analysis, Equipment and Movement.

And here are the links for my commentaries. You can download them or click and listen. In order of competition:

  1. Holste
  2. Johnson
  3. Cromwell
  4. Burge
  5. Suvero
  6. Scanlan
  7. Snyder
  8. Stephen

Those are the critiques, and here are the placements and scores (out of 100).

  1. Cromwell 22.4
  2. Johnson 22.1
  3. Scanlan 20.6
  4. Snyder 20.2
  5. Stephen 19.5
  6. Suvero 19.1
  7. Burge 17
  8. Holste 15.7

Download the Score RECAP PDF here. Download the Ordinals (Placements) RECAP here.

Scoring Info
Hey! Why are the score so low? Because this judging system looks at the whole routine from 4 different angles. You don’t get that in any other competition. Only a WDA- and DrillMaster-sanctioned event. The most common aspect of any kind of performance that just about everyone recognizes right away is how the performance makes you feel. That is called “effect.” But there is much more to a performance than meets the untrained eye and many Drillers are not yet aware of each of these aspects. It’s a learning process for everyone and one of which I am proud to be a part.

Relatively low score like these in NO WAY diminish the fact that these Drillers have put in countless hours of work. They are all winners by the fact that htey have stepped up to the plate again and again in practice.

Visit the Downloads page to download and read the score sheets to get a better idea of what goes into the scoring.

Click here for more information on the World Drill Association and my books: World Drill Association Adjudication Manual, and Continuing Education for the WDA Judge.

I encourage you to compete in the next competition. Find out more by going to the MIDC Facebook Group by clicking here or ask me about it.

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