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DrillMaster UniversityBecome a DrillMaster
You can be a Certified DrillMaster by going through the courses I have developed. Certified Honor Guard DrillMaster is for anyone wanting to learn how to become an honor guard instructor and be able to learn and then teach the style of the Presidential Honor Guards.

I already have that title
Great! There are drill masters for drill teams, military schools and certain American military units and I applaud your efforts and achievements! You are a drill master and that is great. The next level is becoming a Certified DrillMaster. There is a difference.

Becoming a Certified DrillMaster takes study and testing along with application. Become a Certified DrillMaster (with endorsements in regulation, exhibition, and ceremonial drill along with WDA judging standards) and you can then go on to receive endorsements for honor guard and/or military drill competition judging.

Contact The DrillMaster for complete details.

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