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The Hollywood Hills High School Military Academy is usually in a second year, though a cadets are already creation a name for themselves.

More than 50 JROTC cadets, all freshmen and sophomores, recently represented Hollywood Hills in a Broward County JROTC Drill Meet. Competing opposite upperclassmen from opposite a county, Hollywood Hills won initial place overall, as good as trophies in 13 of 16 events.

“I would have been confident with fourth place given it was their initial meet, [but] to win initial place, we can’t even report [it],” pronounced their cavalcade group coach, 1st Sgt. David Torres.

Torres pronounced appearance in a annual county-wide accommodate is a requirement for all JROTC programs. Hollywood Hills competed opposite 24 other teams and some-more than 1,000 cadets. Events enclosed tone ensure and muster with and though rifles.

“We used so much, it got to a indicate where if we was walking with someone, I’d have to be in step with them,” pronounced cadet Karl Mondesir. “And a cavalcade accommodate was a lot of pressure.”

Torres pronounced his cadets use for during slightest dual hours after propagandize any day. That’s on tip of AP and honors courses, waking adult as early as 5 a.m. and progressing during slightest a 2.5 GPA.

“Drill group is not a requirement,” he said, “so they have to unequivocally wish to do it. Most kids this age can’t mount still. They have to be really trained and dedicated.”


Cadets described practicing in a prohibited object and going over sequences again and again, though they pronounced a work is value it.

“We’ve been practicing given we can’t even remember,” pronounced sophomore cadet Nicolas Chirino. “[The other teams] didn’t design us to win given we’re young. we saw their faces when we were removing a awards.”

“It was unbelievable,” pronounced cadet Jasmine Ramirez. “They usually announced that it was a group of freshmen and sophomores, and we took off using given we knew that was us. The other teams really know who we are now.”

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