The DrillMaster South Africa Project 2014

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I train Drillers, whether here in the USA: the picture at right is of me working with the first cadet Joint Service Honor Guard Academy in 2013, or in other countries: I’ve trained honor guard members in Belgium. And now, I’ll train young men and women in South Africa.

The DrillMaster South Africa Project 2014

For 7 to 10 days I will be in South Africa teaching exhibition drill. Below is a picture of my friend Tshepo Tautshwane in action as the drum major of his marching band that is in the Field Band Association. Next, here he is with one of his students. Lastly, Tshepo’s drum major maces. He makes them. By hand. His students are the only Drum Major Mace Drill Team that I know of and they want to try spinning rifles. That’s where I come in.

Plus, I plan on completely replacing the roof on Tshepo’s home. His house is more of a shack. It will cost around $500 to put on a new roof for him and his family. They need it desparatly since each time it rains, their belongings get drenched.

Tshepo1 Tshepo







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