Family petitions to restore full honor guard at military retirees’ funerals

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Budget cuts prevented a local retired Air Force member from getting his dying wish: to have a full military honor guard at his funeral.

John DrillMaster Marshall‘s insight:

There is no way that the military will fund this. There are many veterans constantly passing and to provide a 7-man team costs too much with travel and other things associated with these funerals. Many funerals are in remote locations. I have 17 years honor guard experience and, while I lament the turn of events, I also understand the desire to provide all veterans with some kind of representation for final honors. By the way, there is no “full honor guard.” For the military, there are Full Honors Funerals, Standard Honors Funerals and Veteran Funerals. Even the Presidential Honor Guards are only offering FHSs to officers and Medal of Honor awardees. The rest of the funerals are SH.

I completely understand this situation. Honestly. There are veteran groups all across the country who provide colors and firing party- funeral homes need to be more proactive in funeral preparations for veterans since it is the funeral home that makes the arrangements once the family provides the DD214. This is the way to “fight” this issue, not badgering the government- Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve honor guard units are taxed to the limits right now with the myriad of ceremonies they have on a weekly basis.

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