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On Saturday, 38 cadets from the Shelton High School NJROTC/NNDCC competed with ten other schools at the JROTC Drill & Rifle Meet held at Clover Park High School. This was the third of four divisional JROTC meets held each year.


Color Guard #1 (Carley Kunkle, Carisa Kunkle, Asher Fewell & Austin Armstrong) placed 3rd

Color Guard #2 (Sarah Oakes, Caroline Ray, Braydyn Hensley & William Miller) placed 2nd

The Armed Drill Team (Austin Armstrong, John Barton, Abigail Beatty, Bridgette Beatty, Daniel Bouchie, Maricus Bryant, Lilly Fewell, Asher Fewell, Gage Fuller, Trevor Gloor, Braydyn Hensley, Carisa Kunkle, William Miller, Sarah Oakes, Joshua Pisciotta, Caroline Ray & Jack Thomson) placed 2nd and their Commander, Carley Kunkle, placed 4th

The Unarmed Drill Team (Jose Alvares, Jonathan Ansley, Austin Armstrong, Daniel Bouchie, Taylor Cari, Riley Doering, Asher Fewell, Gage Fuller, Braydyn Hensley, Krista Johnston, Carisa Kunkle, Kristopher Marsh, William Miller, Nicholas Stuber, Alisa Ramiriez & Jack Thomson) placed 6th and their Commander, Sarah Oakes, placed 3rd

The Duals Team of Sarah Oakes & Lilly Fewell placed 5th

The Precision Rifle Team (Marissa Newby, Blake Hardin, Ryan Gonczi & Austin Lee) placed 6th

Individual Armed Drill – Cadet Austin Armstrong placed 1st and Cadet William Miller placed 6th out of 30 participants.

There was no academic team competition at this meet, so the Shelton Team (Riley Doering, Bridgette Beatty, Trevor Gloor, Kristopher Marsh & Jack Thomson) still holds 1st place in the division.

The fourth and final divisional meet will be at Prairie High School in Battle Ground (Vancouver) Washington on Saturday, February 22. This meet will decide which teams will represent the division at the regional meet to be held in Oak Harbor next month.

Cadets will continue their early morning practice as well as complete preparations for their Annual Military Inspection on March 13. The community is invited to a public drill team performance, Change of Command Ceremony and a Pass In Review to be held in the Shelton High School Minidome at 6:00 p.m. on March 13th.

February 3, 2014/Source: Helen Thomson, NJROTC/NNDCC Booster Club PAO



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