The DrillMaster Routine Mapping Tool for the Street!

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The DrillMaster Routine Mapping Tool for the Street!
DrillMaster UniversityI’ve developed DrillMaster Routine Mapping Tools (RMT) for all kinds of different situations: basketball court, standard size drill areas for teams and solos and even one for National Police Week. Click here to go to the Downloads page to find the links for downloading the PDFs of each DrillMaster RMT.

While I was working with the PFC Mykel F. Miller Sea Cadet Battalion in Scottsdale, AZ over the Christmas break, I realized that some teams may need an RMT for a street. Well, after a little research I found out lane size info and created an RMT for a 2-lane road (click to download). I thought this might be the most common. With this RMT, you can now plan a routine that is specific for a parade.

Why the different lines? Some roads have lanes that are 9 feet wide and others have lanes that are 12 feet wide. I tried to cover as much as possible. The grid measures 24 feet by 90 feet, giving you plenty of room to create a routine that begins just before the reviewing stand and continues while you are just past it. This kind of performance was very common for me to judge when my wife and I were stationed in northern California and I was a member of the Pacific Judges Association.

Have fun writing drill!

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