Sea Cadets Trained!

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The continuation of the DrillMaster winter 2013/14 training tour of the southern USA!
While spending Christmas and New Year’s weeks with my family in Arizona, I had the opportunity to train 8 Naval Sea Cadets and one Navy League Cadet from the PFC MyKel F. Miller Battalion in Scottsdale. Only three of the cadets had any experience with the rifle as far as the manual of arms, so the 5 days I spent with them looked like this:

  • Standing manual
  • Manual of arms
  • Introduction to routine design
  • Unarmed exhibition drill routine creation
  • Introduction to armed exhibition drill
  • Tetrad routine creation
  • Practicing the parade routine that we created

All of the information that the Sea Cadets learned was almost too much to take in and remember for just 5 8-hour days, however they did a wonderful job! I’m very proud of “my” Sea Cadets!

Our graduation picture:

Scottsdale Sea Cadets

PFC Mykel F. Miller Battalion Sea Cadets Drill Team
Scottsdale, AZ


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