New Guard America – NEW! High Impact Drill Rifle Stocks in Amazing Colors

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New Guard America proudly introduces the NGA High Impact Rifle Drill Stock for the US Model 1903A3 and 1903 – Specifically manufactured with a high impact resin to be able to handle the beatings from the up and coming rifle exhibition Driller!

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  1. I have recently split my Drill America 1903 right in half after dropping it so I decided to get an NGA High Impact Drill Stock to replace the old stock. The only problem is that when all of the old parts were put into the new stock, it just didn’t look right. There is a quarter inch gap in between the receiver and the stock itself when its installed. Some of the screw holes do not line up either, so are there any replacement parts I should buy? Any and all help would be much appreciated.

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      Hi Will,

      You’ve discovered a major issue! DrillAmerica parts are not interchangeable with 1903 parts! Contact Glendale and I’m sure they will replace your rifle and then go to my articles, Pieces Parts or Hey Buddy, wanna buy an M1903? to see where to get real 1903 parts to put in your awesome new NGA stock.

      All the best to you, let me know if I can be of further help.


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