New DrillMaster Training Missions: December 2013 and January 2014

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The DrillMaster Honor Guard Academy, honor guard training

The DrillMaster Honor Guard Academy

December, January and February will see two honor guard training missions are going to be many stops at JROTC units in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. I’m looking forward to this trip as it will be one long RV trip with my wife and our 2 dogs. Just the four of us for about 3 months traveling across the southern US having some vacation and family time and getting in some great instructional time.

So, what is going to happen during these two months? The last DrillMaster Honor Guard training mission (2 sessions) for 2013 in southern Texas, visits to a local JROTC unit and military academy, a visit to my old school, New Mexico Military Institute to work with my NMMI cadets brothers and sisters there on the Goss Rifles drill team, time with family in Arizona and then the first honor guard training mission for 2014 in California along with visits to JROTC units in California, Arizona and Texas on our way back home to Florida.

DrillUp! Movement Clinic

The DrillMaster DrillUp! Movement Clinic

Coming Soon!
All of this is setting the stage for the first DrillMaster DrillUp! Movement Clinic coming this spring. Each clinic will feature an expert rifle exhibition Driller. The clinic is designed to train cadets in the right way to move and even tips on correcting unhealthy posture and movement while providing a solid foundation on which to build a better awareness of movement through space which can help with creating better drill routines and maybe even a healthier lifestyle.

Want to know more?Has this info piqued your interest? Great! Send me a message through my contact page and we can talk about my working with your organization to get the best training possible that comes from years of experience and is a written standard!

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