When NOT to dip a Color

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Cased Colors
WhIMAG0271ile at practice I had the cadets I work with assume this pose only for the picture. I want to make a point. The point is, your color team should never do this: salute with a cased color. When a color is cased it is considered no longer there, or “put away.” Of course, your team will also have two rifle guards, but this picture is meant to emphasize that it is never appropriate to salute when the colors are cased. By the way, both of the cadets are freshman this year!

Retiring the Colors
It’s not all that often the the colors are retired. Retiring the colors is done on rare and important ceremonial occasions. When the colors are presented at the beginning of a ceremony, the non-national color dips in salute to the American flag, but on retiring the colors, both colors receive honor and the non-national color is not dipped just like the American flag.

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