Buying Demilitarized Rifles Just Became a Little More Difficult

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Buying Demilitarized Rifles Just Became a Little More Difficult

THIS JUST IN! I just got off the phone with Battlefield Relics* (BFR) after a great, lengthy conversation. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), has released new standards for demilitarizing a rifle. The new process requires more of the receiver to be cut away thereby ruining the integrity of the rifle and making it almost dangerous to drill with.

The “Real Rifle Feel”
Many Drillers across the country just love the feel of a real rifle instead of a replica, and I can understand that. Here is one reason why: the hand guards are not an exact fit creating a certain amount of give when throwing the rifle around. This fact came to me when I was talking with Justin Delaurier while he practiced for his IWDC performance in Daytona Beach. I gave him a DrillMaster Bayonet to try since his had a couple of broken parts. The moment he put it on it felt uncomfortable since it was a solid bayonet and did not have any amount of give and he was used to the slight give of his broken bayonet. We quickly changed the bayonet back and he went on to win the 2013 IWDC.

BFR to the Rescue!
BFR will not cut their rifles any more than is necessary- however, this means you must use a third party (like a gun store or pawn shop) with a Federal Firearms License (FFL) to purchase a “demil” rifle. You pay BFR directly and then pay the FFL holder the shipping costs plus as well as filling out the paperwork for the rifle and the $15 to $25 costs for the paperwork. BFR will even lower the cost of the rifle to help defray the paperwork cost!

But wait- there’s more!
BFR is now working with a new vendor to keep wood M1903A3 and M1 Garand stocks in stock. Yes, wood stocks!

Click here to read complete demil rifle info, including third-party FFL info.

*BFR had web hosting issues and had to change their web address to notice there is no “s” after “relic.”

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