The Normandy Fundraising Walk 2013

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The Normandy Fundraising Walk 2013

My Belgian friends and honor guard colleagues have put together a great undertaking to raise funds for wounded American warriors. How can you donate funds for the Walk?


A 7-day march along the landing beaches and hinterland, which was the battleground for US Armed Forces during June 6, 1944 in Normandy, France. During this march two American flags will be carried, and subsequently donated to Walter Reed Hospital, which serves wounded U.S. servicemen and women.

Sponsors will be sought for the 7-day march to raise financial support for the project of the Wounded Warrior Project. A last-minute glitch has held up the donations page. It will be available soon, so please check back!


Frank de Rudder will act as the organizer for this project, assisted by his son Nick and close friend Patrick Deroo, Belgian Army (Ret). In France we can count on the support of the American Legion represented by Mr. Carl W. Hale, Commander of the American Legion Paris Post, and Mr. Paul Woodadge (Historian) to assist with logistics.

From the States there will be support of the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

Participants of the march:

  1. Frank de Rudder
  2. Nick de Rudder
  3. Patrick Deroo

How, Where, When:

The march is tentatively scheduled for early July 2013. It starts along the coast of Normandy above the American landing beach “Utah”, and from there on day by day continued towards “Omaha” where the march will be concluded with a ceremonial visit to the U.S. Cemetery at Colleville sur Mer.

The participants in the walk, will be wearing the US Army ACU, BDU or proper 1944 US fatigues as they walk and live on MREs and will be sleeping in a tent, which will be erected on a daily basis. The nights will happen at different campsites, since in France wild camping can not be done. This will also be the difference, of what Veterans did in the day’s back then.

The two Stars and Stripes who accompany the participants on the walk will be deployed in several historic sites. Also we hope that the Wounded Warrior Project guidon may accompany us on the whole trip.

Click to go to the website to donate Wounded Warrior Project

Day 1

We will leave Belgium around 1200 and hope too arrive in Normandy at the campsite on Utah Beach around 0700 the following day. This day will be used to set up base camp, and make the necessary arrangements, and make contact with the our logistics support in country.


Day 2

Sainte-Mére-Eglise – La Fiére = 3.7 Km
La Fiére – Amfreville = 2.5 Km
Amfreville – Picauville = 4.0 Km
Picauville – Chef du Pont = 5.1 Km
Chef du Pont – Sainte-Mére-Eglise = 3.5 Km

Total = 16.6 Km

Day 3

Ravenoville – Beuzeville au plain = 4.5 Km
Beuzeville au Plain – St Thomas/D115(ambush crossroad) = 1.5 Km
St Thomas/D115 – WXYZ Les Mezieres = 1.7 Km
WXYZ Les Mezieres – Brécourt manor = 5.7 km
Brécourt manor – Saint-Marie du Mont = 1.6 Km
Saint Marie du Mont – Route du Limarais D329E Sink’s crazy ride = 2.4 Km…Will be passing Holdy battery.

Total = 16.9 Km

Day 4

Brévards – Carentan = 4.3 Km
Carentan – Purple Heart lane = 2.6 Km
Purple Heart lane – Dead man’s corner = 1 Km
Dead man’s corner – Chateau Bel Enault = 1.1 km
Chateau Bel Enault – Basse Addeville = 0.5 Km
Basse Addeville – ***’s corner = 1 Km
***’s corner – La Barquette lock = 0.6 Km

Total = 11 Km

Eventually we will return on foot to Utah beach

La Barquette lock – Utah Beach = 13.9 Km

Click to go to the website to donate Wounded Warrior Project

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