What is the “Supersquad” competition?

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Supersquad is a drill meet for a super-sized squad (actually, a small platoon/flight) of three squads of five Drillers (15 Drillers for those of you who are mathematically challenged). The team performs as a whole and then breaks up into different groups:

  1. Physical Training (5-6)
  2. Academic Bowl (2-3)
  3. Biathlon (3-4)
  4. Color Team (4)
  5. Armed Platoon Regulation (all 15)

Surprise! No, exhibition drill (XD) at all. Supersquad works on the necessary basics that every cadet needs to have. It is a great way for smaller schools or schools without the inclination for XD to compete.

Photo courtesy of militaryuniformsupply.com

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