Please, Pull Up Your Pants

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Please have the self respect to not look so unbelievably silly. This picture (courtesy of 94.9 The Bull radio station), features the epitome of ridiculous. There is no reason to do this. This “fashion statement” says what? ‘Hi, I can’t seem to figure out how to use a belt?’

I understand that every American has freedom of choice and if you choose to drop your trousers around your ankles and wear a long coat to cover up the rest of your body, you have that right. However, police are starting to crack down on this as indecency.

With freedom comes responsibility. Freedom of wearing what you want, how you want comes with having a certain amount of decency or modesty. Not everyone agrees with this thought, obviously. The same goes for freedom of speech (speaking), freedom of the press, etc. Each freedom comes with responsibilities.

I don’t like seeing someone’s underwear. I don’t like sagging because it alters one’s gate; you walk differently- not as the good Lord intended- and, like I always say, practice makes permanent.

The phenomenon is beyond comprehension for me.

This is a good article on sagging trousers:

Bottom photo courtesy of Ryan Mikell.

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  1. wear your clothes however you want. don’t let anyone tell you how to dress, what to wear..sorry people but even though these folks look like utter fools, they have every right in the world to dress as they please. I don’t like looking at fat people, they disgust me…does this mean that because I am bothered by fattys they shouldn’t be permitted to wander in public?

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