Product Review: Do You Have the “Coach’s Eye”?

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Do you know of the Coach’s Eye app? It’s been available for iPhone for a little while now and it was just released for Android! The great part is that it’s only $4.99.

From the Coach’s Eye Blog:

When people think about Coach’s Eye their first thought probably goes to how it can be used for sports like soccer, baseball, volleyball, or golf. Which is good because Coach’s Eye is great for any sport. In fact, the beauty of Coach’s Eye is that it can even be applied to activities outside of the traditional sports world. Don’t believe us? Check out this list that we put together that calls out some of the different uses that we have seen from customers.

Since I have an Android phone, I’ve been waiting to use it and now will start with the three schools that I coach in the area. What a great opportunity now for coaching- especially long-distance!

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