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Since the judges for the Isis World Drill Competition were said to not be professional*, I was asked to score the competition using the World Drill Association Adjudication System, the only complete system for the military drill world that is based on the written standards of the four visual captions and has been vetted by sister pageantry art adjudication programs.

*Note: this does not mean these men are not professionals, on the contrary, the three servicemen are military professionals, Keith Warren is a computer professional and Bill Owen is the director of his own company.

You can download the different sheets to view the scores:

WDA IWDC12 Sorted Score RECAP



When looking at the scores, don’t just see who was overall 1, 2, 3, etc. Look at the Ordinals RECAP and see who placed where in each of the captions, that is what is very interesting as Driller A will score better than Driller B in one or two captions and not in the others.

Feedback and questions are always welcome.

Update: Here is what I was provided as the IWDC placements by a friend of mine. These placements do not reflect what was presented on the floor at all which is very unfortunate. These placements are a disservice to the competitors.

1. Andres Ryan
2. Sam Gozo
3. Adam Renn
4. Bradley Maestas
5. Kyle O’Leary
6. Michael Renn
7. Ronnie Sulvita
8. Forrest Brunner
9. Tyler See
10. Adam Jeup
11. John Morfogen
12. James Bisher
13. Jose Deras
14. Juan “Angel” Solis
15. Corey White
16. Anthony Arborn
17. Justin Delaurier
18. Sean Lloyd
19. Zachary Watson
20. Eron Fayson
21. Ramon Arce
22. David Thornhill


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